How to Prepare for Accounting Job Interview?

How Can You Prepare for Accounting Job Interview

You may also agree, the job of an accountant is not as easy as it is perceived. The accountant carries a heavy responsibility on his shoulders helping business organizations in taking the right decision based on the financial report. Hence, hiring such a personnel for the company is a tough job for the interviewer wherein he does not only analyse you on the basis of your basic accounting knowledge but also on the basis of your leadership, team management, and communication skills.

If it’s not easy to crack accounting interview, it’s not easy for an interviewer as well.

Hiring a responsible person or say a leader who will lead the company to the path of success is not a child’s game. He has to be strict enough to analyze your abilities and proceed with the selection process. So, if you are nervous and stressed, don’t be. Just be focus on what you know and in improving your technical and professional skills.

Here’s what you should prepare before going for an accounting interview;

Before even starting the preparation just keep one thing in mind, the interviewer is concerned about your accounting knowledge and professional skills. It’s your first interview and obvious you would be extremely nervous and stressed about how to crack the interview and impress the interviewer. Isn’t it? That’s said, there is always a solution to every problem.

First thing first, remove stress and nervousness and prepare for the first round of the interview where your basic accounting knowledge will be tested to check your level of expertise. Soon after the Introduction, the interviewer may ask you questions on;

  • Basic Accounting Terminologies
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Account Payables, Account Receivables
  • Financial Statements/Reporting
  • Accounting Reconciliation

Therefore, be clear with the accounting concepts and revise accounting terminologies to mark a good impression on the interviewer. This is just the 10% of it. There are various other rounds you need to clear to pass the recruitment process.

The second thing the interviewer will count on is your soft skills. Meaning, how good you are as a leader, manager, and speaker because you will be directly in contact with the top management. The organization is split into various departments, each consists of a huge team. Each team works for the growth and thus, they need a certain amount to increase company’s revenue. In such situation, you should be strong enough and help the management in taking the right decision.

To analyze your soft skills, a company may ask different types of question which may cover;

  • Challenges they are currently facing and how you can help them overcome it ?
  • Are you able to explain the financial situations the way management can contemplate?
  • How do you rate yourself as a motivator?
  • Will you be able to cope up with the changing accounting requirements of a company?
  • Why you are the best fit for the company?


These are just a few questions listed down but depending on how you perform, the interviewer may ask you more question to bring an assurance related to business domain and team management. This completes 80% of the interview in which the interviewer dives deep to know how good you are as a professional.

Again, an accountant is a leader, a speaker and above all an expert in numbers. Though it is your first job interview, you should be familiar with accounting requirements of various industry sectors, current accounting trends and standards. For instance; GST has come into constitution from past 1 year. Do you have adequate knowledge about it to help the company in making good investments saving them from more tax payments?

It seems you have probably got an idea what to prepare and what type of questions will be asked when you appear for the accounting interview.

All the best for the interview!

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