Everything that you must know about E way Bill

Electronic Way Bill or E-Way is a new milestone in the country ever the since GST regime unfolded to unify direct taxes. The E-Way bill system is said to be made compulsory in all states starting from February 1 of this year. After being implemented and tested in almost 10 states, the government has given the E-Way a green signal throughout the nation to allow traders to monitor and track online the movement of goods and consignment.



Export Promotion Capital Goods EPCG Scheme

International trade plays a pivotal role in the sustainability and growth of any economy. However, in order to gain a favourable position in the international market and minimise the level of trade deficit, a country needs sufficient foreign currency. There is only one way to increase the inflow of foreign currency i.e. to increase Exports. Hence, it is right to say that no country can survive self-sufficiently without enough amount of exports. Lack of foreign currency results in high trade deficit and foreign debt crunch.


accounting cycle

Accounting is a repetitive process of recording and interpreting financial data. But, for most businesses, it is a misunderstood term that is mostly restricted to a department which engages in crunching numbers and generating complex reports. The role of accounting is as important to a business just as capital, finance or any other element would play in the achievement of long-term business objectives. It is necessary to have a comprehensive view of accounting processes and better analysis of financial transactions to shed light on wastage and productive areas. For this, it is important to get back to basics of accounting and understand what goes on in the entire accounting cycle.


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Despite the fact that articles are some of the most frequently used words in English, many people get confused while choosing the right article in a sentence or deciding if at all an article is needed. This happens because we all use articles generously in our conversations but lack a clear understanding of how to use them or what their role is in a sentence. This blog will touch upon areas like type of articles, grammatical understanding of articles, common errors in use of articles etc.



It goes without saying that accounting is not just about juggling complex numbers and figures and other practices that is strictly restricted to accounting and tax professionals. In fact, knowing about the basic accounting concepts and principles helps you understand your business and finances better to make necessary decisions from a financial angle.
As for business owners and entrepreneurs who don multiple hats when it comes to running their business, learning about general accounting jargons and topics would do a great deal by enabling them to proactive to plan and manage business decisions as well as to effortlessly communicate and coordinate financial practices.



Introduction to ELSS:

Equity Linked Savings Schemes aka ELSS is a type of mutual fund which offers both good returns with tax saving options. One can avail tax deduction u/s 80C up to the amount invested in ELSS or Rs. 1.5 slakh whichever is lower. Hence, ELSS offers best of both worlds i.e. smart tax management with good returns. ELSS is the most popular tax-saving option particularly among young investors who have higher risk apatite than senior citizens. 

Financial Management