It goes without saying that accounting is not just about juggling complex numbers and figures and other practices that is strictly restricted to accounting and tax professionals. In fact, knowing about the basic accounting concepts and principles helps you understand your business and finances better to make necessary decisions from a financial angle.
As for business owners and entrepreneurs who don multiple hats when it comes to running their business, learning about general accounting jargons and topics would do a great deal by enabling them to proactive to plan and manage business decisions as well as to effortlessly communicate and coordinate financial practices.


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Introduction to ELSS:

Equity Linked Savings Schemes aka ELSS is a type of mutual fund which offers both good returns with tax saving options. One can avail tax deduction u/s 80C up to the amount invested in ELSS or Rs. 1.5 slakh whichever is lower. Hence, ELSS offers best of both worlds i.e. smart tax management with good returns. ELSS is the most popular tax-saving option particularly among young investors who have higher risk apatite than senior citizens. 


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It is a known fact that accounting practices and processes have undergone a new wave of change over the last few years due to the transformations in the adjacent fields and regulatory systems. The new accounting standards and shift over to the new-age technology has redefined the way businesses, economies and individuals view accounting. No doubt, today, these firms operate as providers of knowledge as a service over the mere practice of juggling numbers and receipts on paper.


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The human race is undergoing a new era of technological revolution. Data have become the new oxygen in our socio-economic environment. Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence etc. are the new buzz words. Application of Big Data Analytics is increasingly applied to numerous fields such as marketing, economics, agriculture, finance, telecom, healthcare etc. The field of direct and indirect taxes are no exception to this.


It has been increasingly noticed that women have walked shoulder to shoulder with men in all fields be it defence, engineering, space research etc. The field of chartered accountancy is no exception to this trend. The huge scope and opportunities in the field of accountancy has attracted many women to enter and excel in the traditionally male-dominated bastion. According to data provided by the ICAI, 24.39% of ICAI's total members are women which totals to 68,339 up till October 2017. Similarly, 40% of the active students of ICAI are female candidates. These figures indicate that women are giving tough competition to male counterparts in the accounting field.


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GST (Goods and Services Tax) is the most revolutionary and robust tax regime that has affected traders, manufacturers, and customers alike. It is due to the confusion and chaos created by GST, the government has to intervene time after time for spreading awareness, clearing doubts, and eliminating concerns of business persons and traders. That’s not all while resolving queries of the corporate world, the government has also taken care of the consumers who ultimately bear the pinch!

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