Top 10 Accounting Software in India


Business enterprises, be it big or small, need substantial support to keep their accounting practices accurate, effective, responsive and relevant. For this, companies and individuals have experimented with a wide number of methods that include legacy accounting software to cloud-based solutions and even the much recent AI tools. Today, the solution providers have flooded the market with an array of software tools to address every kind of accounting need and process. But, before implementing a solution, it is essential to take note of various factors like implementation and operation cost, work volume, efficiency, security, reliability and profitability that govern your selection.

To simplify your search and enable adoption of the right platform for your business and accounting needs, we listed below the top 10 best accounting software in India and its features:


1. Tally ERP 9.0: The software is one of the latest and popular offerings of Tally Solutions that has managed to remain the industry leader since the last two decades. The Tally ERP 9.0 is sought by millions of enterprises around the world and can be effectively utilized across domains such accounting management, financial reporting, payroll, manufacturing, sales and inventory management. Tally ERP 9.0 is available online and can be downloaded as free software for trial. For better results and enhanced productivity in accounting practices, a number of certificate courses are provided by renowned training companies and accounting experts. To know more on its implementation and usage, enrol for Munimji’s certified corporate accountant course.

2. Zoho Books: Zoho Books is popular accounting system that is mostly sought by small and growing businesses. The software is best known for its intuitive, easy-to-use and intelligent features that help manage finance, cash-flows, invoicing, payments and GST filing needs of its users. Besides being highly affordable, the software tool is powered security, support and uptime features that aid businesses to make accurate and data-driven decisions as well as leverage internet for making and receiving payments and receipts on a single platform.

3. QuickBooks Enterprise: This is desktop-based enterprise accounting software created by Intuit Inc and is mostly popular among large enterprises. The solution is highly-customizable and offers API support and complete technical assistance via email, chats, video tutorials and phone. The platform is device-agnostic and can be run on popular mobile and desktop platforms and operating systems. The software can host a millions of records, customer details, inventory data and much more to generate meaningful and customized reports. QuickBooks has a free trial period of 30 days.

4. MARG ERP 9+ Inventory and Accounting Software: MARG is a well known simple and fastest accounting software that manages many customers at on go and help them generate invoices, cash flows and billings in any format. The solution is highly customizable and is backed with features like email, banking and barcode integration, POS invoicing, tax and inventory management to enable complete automation of accounting process. The MARG ERP 9+ Inventory and Accounting Software is developed by Marg Compusoft and can be deployed by agencies, start-ups, enterprises and even individuals, using both desktop and mobile platforms.

5. ProfitBooks Accounting Software: ProfitBooks is a easy-to-use accounting software that is designed for small businesses and even users without accounting know-how. It is built with features like simple invoicing, inventory tracking, expense management, pay-roll as well as multi-currency and multi-user support. The cloud-based software helps create invoices, report daily expenses and manage inventory that can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere to facilitate financial reporting and decision-making related to accounting processes.

6. Saral Accounts: Developed by Relyon Softech, Saral Accounts is an easy to implement accounting software that is useful for small and medium sized businesses to maintain books of accounts, billings, tax filing, and GST compliance and filing. The customizable accounting software is also making news for its usefulness in helping its customers to transition from VAT to current GST system, billings, transactions and update relevant information in bulk.

7. Xero: Xero is a cloud-based accounting software with over a million users that allows real-time access to cash and financial data of small and growing businesses. The software has superior back-up and data integration capabilities, helping users create invoice reports, expense claims and other reports in a matter of few seconds. Besides, its mobile-ready features supports companies to carry out , track and manage accounting processes on mobile devices and can also seamlessly integrate with third-party apps for invoicing, inventory, expenses and time-tracking.

8. WAVE: Wave is free, easy-to-use, accounting software suited for businesses to create and send receipts and invoices, monitor the status of the payments, accept credit card payments and also keep a track on income and expenses. The software eliminates data entry tasks and helps generate error-free, tax-ready reports, payroll calculations.

9. Reach: Reach is a subscription-based cloud platform that finds usage in various accounting tasks and built with key features such as customisable templates, tabs and payment and renewal reminders through emails, sms and whatsapp messages. Reach is also useful in filing VAT returns, purchase orders, recording withdrawals and cash flow transactions, TDS, bank reconciliation and much more. The online accounting software enables users have complete transparency of their financial and accounting practices of the business.

10. Wings Books 21D: Developed by the Hyderabad-based Wings Infonet, Wings Books 21D is premier accounting software having undergone almost 21 iterations and a strong user-base of 50,000 businesses and enterprises across the world. The cutting-edge, GST-ready accounting and inventory software is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that allows them to record financial transactions, generate and analyse reports, bank reconciliation and also handle post-dated cheques. The software has vast utility features like responsive dashboards, superior security and multi-language and multi-currency functions to dive deep into accounting data for accurate reports and results.

At Munimji, we provide professional courses in accounting that help businesses, enterprises and individuals understand better about the accounting practices and make use of relevant tools that automate and manage to change accounting processes.

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