Information Technology Updates – Apr-2015

If Not Google?

Not Just Google; Yahoo, Microsoft and others provide similar services too.
  • Google runs your life.
  • The search giant turned web ecosystem owns your email, calendar, and even your voicemails.
  • Your most important data lives on Google’s servers.
  • What you may not realize is that, despite the quality of Google’s products, someone else is doing it better—and placing all your eggs in Google’s basket isn’t necessarily the best thing.
  • Here’s a look at alternative services you can use in place of Google services.
  • If you want to take a serious look at the alternatives, I did some digging and a lot of experimentation to find the best alternatives to Google’s most popular services.
    Services Google Yahoo Microsoft
    Search Google Search Yahoo Search Bing
    Image Picasa flickr XIM
    Blog Bloggers Tumblr SharePoint
    Video YouTube Yahoo Screen N.A.
    OS – Platform Android N.A. Windows
    Cloud Office Utilities Google Drive Yahoo Storage One Drive
    Email Gmail Ymail Outlook
    Map Google Map Yahoo Map Bing Map
    Video Calling Hangout Messenger Skype
    Discussion Forum Google Group Yahoo Group and Yahoo Answers Microsoft Answers
    Bowser Chrome Axis Internet Explorer
    Local City Search Google + Page (Earlier Know as Google Place) Yahoo Local Bing Bing Places
    Advertisement AdWord Advertising Bing Ads
    Translation Translate Transliteration Bing Translator
    Small Business Solutions Google Apps for Work Yahoo Small Business Office 365
    Social Media Google + Tumblr For Personal:
    For Business: Yammer
    Beauty & Fashion Relationship Cuisine Health and Fitness Travel Astrology Google Flight (For Travel) Yahoo Life Style N.A.
    Internet Safety Education Safety Center Yahoo Safely Safety & Security Center
    Cloud Computing Google Cloud N.A. Azure

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