Useful Abbreviation

Acronyms Meanings Acronyms Meanings
AFAIK as far as I know IAC in any case
AKA also known as IOW in other words
APPROX approximately IDK I don’t know
ASAP as soon as possible IMO in my opinion
BAC by any chance IMHO in my humble opinion
B4 before INC including, included
BK because NN2R no need to reply
BRB be right back OTOH on the other hand
BTW by the way RE regarding
COD cash on delivery RES response
CC carbon copy ROM read only member
CU see you RSVP repondez s’il vous plait
CUL see you later RTFM read the “friendly” manual
DBA doing business as TCB trouble came back
EA each TIA thanks in advance
EOF end of file TNKU thank you
F2F face to face TNX thanks
FWD forward WB welcome back
FYI for your information WTG way to go
GA go ahead 4U for you
HAND have a nice day 2U to you


Acronyms Meanings Acronyms Meanings
IRL in real life SIC as is
BRB be right back RE re hi, Hi again
LOL laugh out loud TTYL talk to you later

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