TDS Utility in Excel

The Features of excel utility:

  1. It includes all TDS Rates as per Income-tax Act
  2. Rate of TDS if payee doesn’t furnish his PAN
  3. Exemptions, if any, provided from deduction of tax

Choose options from four drop-down boxes provided to quickly determine the TDS rates:

  1. Residential status of payee: Choose whether the person to whom the amount being paid is a ‘Resident’ or ‘Non-resident’
  2. Payment made to: The status of the payee to be further categorized into ‘Individual’, ‘Domestic Companies’, ‘FIIs’, ‘Offshore funds’, ‘Foreign Companies’, etc.
  3. Nature of payment: The broad categories of payment have been provided to choose from.
  4. Categorization of payment: After selection of nature of payment, its exact nature can be further categorized through this combo-box.


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