Revised Circular- ONLINE Tax Payment Mandatory for monthly Tax Payment of more than 50 thousand

  • Commercial Tax Department earlier had made it mandatory to pay Tax through ONLINE method for dealers whose Total Yearly Tax payment exceeds Rs. 10 lakh.
  • Commissioner of Commercial Tax vide public circular no. Gujka/vat-86/15-16/Ja.178/153 Dt. 06/01/2016 has revised Tax Payment limit. Revise Tax Payment limit would be Rs.50000/- and this circular will be effective for December’15 (and onward) monthly/Quarterly Tax Payment.
  • The Monthly/Quarterly Tax Limit of Rs.50000/- will include payable Tax + Interest + Penalty.
  • Earlier Commercial Tax Commissioner has passed Circular wherein it is informed that if dealers has paid Tax manually than respective jurisdiction officer will not issue acknowledgment of receipt of Manual Tax Paid Challan.
  • If Department doesn’t generate Acknowledgment of Manually Tax paid Challan, in that case there would be below mentioned implications:
    • As per Commercial Tax records, it will show as UNPAID Tax which may result in to recovery action.
    • In case of unpaid Tax, Statutory Forms (Form F/C/H etc) may not be issued/generate from Commercial Tax website.
    • In case of unpaid Tax, check-post authority may detain consignment.
  • Therefore It is highly advisable for all dealers to pay the Tax through ONLINE method only irrespective the tax limit exceeds Rs.50000/- or not.
  • Attached herewith Public Circular and procedure for ONLINE VAT payment Method through Gujarat Cyber Treasury portal.

attachmentPublic Circular 06-Dec-2016 - E-Payment Mandatory Above Fifty Thousand

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