Vat Updates – Feb-2015

Important Amendments

  • The Gujarat State Government has recently issued a Notification No GL/Vat/68 & 69/(1)/Dt. 03/12/2014
  • Govt. of Gujarat by their public circular has provided following requirements for goods going outside Gujarat State or coming in the state and passing through state to another state. Up till now Form No. 402-403 were required to obtain online for specific goods & so obtained forms were required to be produced before check post officer or person in charge or barrier. Form No. 405 (transit Pass) was required to be produced before the goods crossing last check post, but w.e.f. 15.12.2014, all taxable goods are considered as specific goods & all necessary forms were required to be received by electronic system or unique code of particular firm under this system.

This procedure relates to:-

  1. All taxable goods
  2. The procedure is applicable to goods entering in the state or going out of the state or entering in the state for movement to other state. (Form No. 402,403 & 405)
  3. The above procedure can be obtained for goods moving within state (Intra State movement)
  4. For obtaining form or unique code with the help of internet logging on the website of Commercial Tax Gujarat. Form No. 402,403 & 405 can be obtained by procedure mentioned under user manual.
  5. All form & unique code can be generated by mobile phone by observing the procedures prescribed in the manual.
  6. Commercial Tax website will intimate Form No. or unique code number on authorized e-mail or registered mobile.
  7. In case of tax free goods, dealer can obtain forms for by observing above referred procedure.
  8. The system declares all taxable goods as specified goods & hence for taxable goods (Specified goods) & tax free goods (non Specified goods) can be obtained by downloading different template & upload accordingly.
  9. Transporter or person in possession of the goods will have to keep all prescribed documents, such as Form No. 402,403 or unique code with him & required to be produced to check post officer or person in possession of the barrier for verification.
  10. Any vehicle entering to the state boundary & moving to other state must keep Form No. 405 with him & required to place before check post officer or person in charge of barrier for verification.
  11. Time validity for Form No. 402,403 & 405
    • Form No. 402 – up to hours from the time of generation from the website, if goods to be transferred to other vehicle, than further 72 hours will be period of validity.
    • Form No. 403 – 15 days from its generation.
    • Form No. 405 (Transit Pass) – 15 days from its generation & within 72 hours from entering check post to existing check post, if the material is loaded to other vehicle than further 72 hours will be granted as valid time.
  12. After verification of documents check post officer or person in charge of barrier will get intimation on authorized mobile number by SMS or e-mail.
  13. If none of the above prescribed forms are with carried than goods will be physically verified by check post officer or person in charge of barrier & any deficiency is found out than u/s. 68(4) to 68(7), the procedure will be done & also sec. 85 & sec. 86 will be made applicable.
  14. If Form No. 405 (transit pass) or unique code is not kept along with the goods, so transported than procedure will be conducted u/s 69 sub clause (1-A) sub clause (2) & u/s. 85 & 86.
  15. Any vehicle selected randomly for physical verification than driver or person in charge of the vehicle must produce all documents to the concerned officer.
  16. Other than by road i.e. by rail, sea or air cargo, the goods are moving than all forms are required to be produced before commercial tax officer under whose jurisdiction, the dealer is registered., for unregistered consignor/consignee’s forms are to be verify by the officer in whose jurisdiction the place of business lies.
  17. For Inter State sales, Form No. 402 is required to be produced before concerned commercial tax officer, check post officer or person in charge of barrier. Non production of verification of Form No. 402 or unique code will be treated as sale in state and will be taxed accordingly.

The same was then postponed till 22nd December 2014 and then it was limited to assesses having turnover of 50crore and above.

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