Certificate Course on Finance

Out of the list for courses to do after graduation/masters in Ahmedabad, the three months financial analysis course from Munimji can prove to be the perfect foundation for your career in the finance sector. Along with covering the basic economic concepts, the financial management course provides detailed training on project finance, business finance, investment opportunities, and a look at the foreign exchange market as well. This short term value-based finance course enable you to gain an edge over other candidates during the interview. It can prove advantageous for your career compared to financial engineering courses offered by different organizations in Ahmedabad.

Introduction to Finance

  • Basic Financial Concepts & Terminology 2.

Financial Analysis

  • Analysis of Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement
  • Ratio & Cash flow Analysis

Time Value of Money, Capital Structure & Cost of Capital

Business Finance

  • Fund Based & Non Fund Based
  • Application for Finance

Investment Opportunities & Personal Financial Planning

  • PPF/NSC / MIS (Post Office Investment)
  • Fixed Deposit (Bank / Corporate)
  • Stock Market/ Securities/Mutual Fund
  • Debt Securities
  • Gold

Introduction to Derivatives

Project Finance

  • Basic Understanding of Project Finance & Evaluation of a Project
  • Types of Loan
    • Term Loan | Working Capital Loan
    • Business Loan | Home Loan | Loan Against Property
    • Construction Finance
  • Activity Flow
    • Understanding the need
    • Meeting with Client
    • Documentation as per Checklist
    • Analysis of Documents
    • Bank / FI Finalization
    • Preparation of Project Report & Financials
  • Practical Presentation of Report
    • Sanction & Post Sanction Formalities
    • Disbursement
  • Compliance (Post Disbursement)
    • Broad Sanction Terms & Monthly/Quarterly Compliance
    • Stock Statement, DP Calculation, Insurance & Renewal
  • Types of Insurance & Requirement

Foreign Exchange Market